Mimesis – Film and Performance seeks to collaborate with film practitioners, performers, theater makers, game makers and artists that work on the intersections of film and performance. Our grounds are open to a thinking and writing about filmmaking and performance art, through interviews, theoretical, literary and poetic formats.

We approach the moving image and the performing body as relational mediums within real and imaginary communities, whose inter-relatedness forms the basis of our analysis. Mimesis focuses on the cinematic not as an opaque worshiped screen, but rather as a channel for trans-temporal communication, that may better guide our understanding of the means by which power operates within visual culture, for example in the form of the imperial gaze, art-washing, and more. In doing so Mimesis offers a platform to discussing the possibilities for resistance and subversion of these modes of power.

Our first issue, to be published in the fall 2020 will take as its theme: “On The Fringe of Resistance”. Interested in the political notions of resistance as well as their subconscious implications we take a close look at the unreliable boundaries between resisting and giving into what we want to become or need to fight. However we learn to be, behave or misbehave – moving images are already there and their mimesis is endemic. If our social encounters are but remakes of previous -experiences of visual culture, how can we unravel the cinematically entangled body and its colonial, authoritarian, patriarchal, and capitalist histories? Which threads to pick up from the myths of authenticity, identification and ideology that are engraved into the images we are surrounded by? How can we talk about these contradictions in our practices, theorize them and make them work for us and others?

Mimesis Magazine – Film as Performance

Editors: Lior Shamriz & Trakal 

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